Cher reveals artwork for forthcoming album

On the heels of David Bowie’s reveal of the controversial artwork for his forthcoming album, The Next Day, Cher has posted the cover for her newest project. Similar to the Bowie cover by designer Jonathan Barnbrook, the cover for Woman’s World uses recycled artwork from Cher’s 1971 album, Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves, with Cher’s face covered with a white box containing the new album title. Unlike Barnbrook, the designer of the Cher cover wisely chose to remain anonymous.

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Madonna reveals shocking cover art for Gang Bang single

Pop icon Madonna shocked the world today by revealing controversial artwork for her latest single, Gang Bang. Madonna appears on the cover in what many fans initially mistook for pro-environmentalist commentary. The cover photograph shows her on what appears to be a big game hunt and kneeling next to the body of an endangered African Elephant (below).


However, Madonna’s publicist was quick to issue a statement that the photograph was taken while his client was managing her successful ivory poaching business in Cameroon.

Madonna has been a major supplier of ivory to the world for over 25 years. The cover is her way of coming out to her millions of fans about her involvement in this important international enterprise. When people learn the truth about how ivory helps feed and clothe the needy of Africa, they will realize what a great humanitarian service Madonna performs.

The statement continued with the admission that 90% of Madonna’s wealth is due to trade in ivory. “You really didn’t think she got that rich from selling her crappy music, did you?” said editor of Madonna World magazine Matthew Richardson. “All true Madonna fans know that she’s really a bitch who loves high caliber weapons and killing animals.”

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Fun with fake album covers: Birther edition

Famous Album Covers is a blog collective where people post fictional album covers by fictional bands along with fictional stories about them. It has been a long time since my last contribution to the blog and when I saw what is certain to be the most viewed online graphic in history yesterday, I was inspired. I thought that a retro look would be quite appropriate for this “famous” album cover.


The Birthers: S/T

The Birthers are an American pop music band that was founded in 2008 in
order to perform during presidential campaign rallies of Hillary Clinton. The
band broke up after Clinton failed to get the Democratic nomination. However,
the band soon reformed with a new group of musicians devoted to the McCain/Palin

Most critics panned the band’s music as a throwback to earlier
sounds of the 1950s and 1960s, such as Pat Boone and Mitch Miller. In spite of
poor reviews, the band’s albums continued to sell to largely white, Midwestern
and Southern audiences.

By late 2010, it was clear that The Birthers had carved out a niche in the
music industry. They marketed their recordings as being “performed by real
Americans” and included copies of band members’ official birth certificates in
all of their recording packages.

The band’s single Show Us the Birth Certificate reached #3 on the
Billboard Top 40 chart in February 2011. In March of that year, billionaire
reality TV show star Donald Trump selected the song as a potential 2012
presidential campaign theme.

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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter XC album cover

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter XC (2072)


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Ride Lady Gaga: Gaga vs. Weezer

My friend Lindy just emailed me a hilarious Photoshop of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album cover in response to my request for submissions to start a Ride Lady Gage Intermet meme. It is a combination of the Born This Way and Weezer’s 2009 album Raditude. Since Weezer created a Photoshop meme with the Raditude cover, this is a very appropriate mash up.

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Introducing the Ride Lady Gaga Internet meme!

pauladeengaga.jpgPop culture blog Dlisted may have started something by posting an image of Paula Dean (right) riding what they are calling the “Cacacycle” as an illustration for a very harsh review of the album cover for Born This Way. I think I will call it the “Gagacycle” instead.

The cover is getting a very bad reaction from all but Lady Gaga’s loyal fans. Even many of them are insisting that the cover is a late April Fool’s Joke. One fan tweeted, “This is what happens when record labels don’t hire graphic designers.”

I am certain that we will be seeing many Photoshopped versions of the cover in the days to come. I can just imagine which celebrities are going to be seen riding the Gagacycle. Charlie Sheen? Sarah Palin? Donald Trump?

I am not going to miss the opportunity to place myself on the back of the Gagacycle. Here is my own contribution to the fun and games. If you decide to make your own, upload it to the AAX Facebook page and share it with the world. I would love to get a collection of these going.


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Introducing Album Cones

ice-cream-loca.jpgYesterday, I was really just joking when I wrote about creating an Internet Photoshop meme similar to the one found on the blog Album Tacos. I posted the cover of Shakira’s new single, Loca, with an ice cream cone added to the image (right).

The Album Tacos blog has now been written about on numerous popular websites, including Huffington Post. The unfortunate thing about the blog is that they do not accept submissions. How bogus is that?

So, I am going to start Album Cones. It is simply a rip off of Album Tacos that uses ice cream cones instead of tacos. Perhaps ice cream cones aren’t quite as absurd as tacos, but I think that there are just as many people who love cones as those who love tacos.

Check out the first batch of Album Cones. (Click images for larger view.)



If you want to participate in the AAX Album Cones meme, submit your image along with the AAX links to the original cover image in the AAX gallery (if possible) via e-mail to You must also include your name or AAX forum username.

I will publish Album Cones as I receive them. I will not guarantee that your image will be published (but I’m not going to be too picky).

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Crayon Room Album Art Screensaver

If you’ve got a PC and you’re an album art enthusiast, you’ve probably envied the iTunes screensaver that your friends with Macs enjoy. If that’s the case, Crayon Room’s Album Art Screensaver is the best PC album art screensaver that I’ve found.

The screensaver is available as a free download on the Crayon Room website. The programmer asks for a Paypal donation from those who enjoy the software.

Visit the Crayon Room Website

screensaver_01.jpgI am using the screensaver with Windows Vista and iTunes 9. The images load quickly and the number of the rows of albums displayed can be changes to increase or decrease the size of the images.

I have a large monitor, so I chose to display eight rows of covers. You can also select various transitions for the covers. I am careful about installing software on my computer. I Googled Crayon Room and didn’t find anything that would raise a red flag.

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Classic albums rendered as photo mosaics

I recently discovered a fun online tool called Image Mosaic Generator that allows used to upload photographs and convert them into images rendered from millions of tiny photos. I couldn’t resist uploading a few classic album covers to see how they would turn out (click the images for a larger view).

David Bowie – Black Tie, White Noise

mosaic78ce526bfb83c6651038b58c1a0d1462.pngMichael Jackson – Thriller


The Beatles – Abbey Road


The only thing that could make this any better would be if the tiny images were actually other album covers. Hmmm, perhaps that is something that should be discussed with the developer.

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Scary classic radio shows for Halloween fun

If you’re looking for some great Halloween sounds to play for the trick or treaters tomorrow and you don’t have a lot of time to make your own mix, consider downloading some classic horror radio programs featuring Vincent Price and Boris Karloff. These radio shows are more interesting than the typical Halloween sound effects CD and fun for the whole family.

A 23-minute track of Boris Karloff’s Death for Sale is available on for only 99 cents. The program features spooky sound effects and the unmistakable and creepy voice of Boris Karloff. This is a real bargain.

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Also, available on is Witchcraft & Magic by Vincent Price. It features 14 tracks for $8.99 or selected tracks can be purchased for 99 cents each. It isn’t quite the deal as the Karloff album, but it is still worth the Price (pun intended).

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vprice-witchc_02.jpg buy_now_400.gif

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