Remembering Amy Winehouse

Here is a slideshow featuring the covers of the albums and singles Amy Winehouse released during her life, which was cut short tragically over the weekend at the age of 27. All of the images can be found in the AAX gallery.

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Britney Spears discography slide show

I noticed that an online article about the album covers of Britney Spears is a hot topic on Twitter today. Unfortnuately, the article features a couple of missing images and very poor quality covers.

Since it has been quite a long time since I last posted a slide show on the blog, I decided to create one that features the Britney Spears cover art that has been uploaded to the AAX gallery. I only used covers that feature photographs of Spears, including singles and EPs.

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The art of Yes owner Scott recenty completed uploading the first 15 albums by the progressive rock group Yes. This Scott’s fifth artist series from Japanese mini-LPs (paper sleeve CDs) and his eighth artist series. I have created a slideshow using these scans, including a few of Scott’s earlier Yes albums. Enjoy the art of Yes!

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