300,000th album cover uploaded to the Album Art Exchange gallery

The 300,000th album cover was uploaded to the AAX gallery yesterday. The milestone took place at 2:57 p.m. PDT when AAX contributor retrogroove_art posted a scan of the 1981 LP Physical by Olivia Newton-John.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed high quality album cover art to the gallery. You have helped make Album Art Exchange the best source for album art on the Internet.

Posted by: retrogroove_art

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Album Art Exchange album art gallery hits 250,000 mark!

Yesterday, the Album Art Exchange (AAX) gallery reached a significant milestone. AAX user plholland uploaded the 250,000th cover. The cover is for Rosanne Cash’s 1987 album King’s Record Shop (below).

Thank you to all of the AAX contributors who have helped make the website the source for the largest selection of high quality album art on the Internet.

Posted by: plholland

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Album Art Exchange gallery reaches 225,000 covers

Today, the Album Art Exchange gallery reached 225,000 image uploads. The milestone album cover is Anastasis, the forthcoming album from Dead Can Dance. (The album is scheduled for release on August 14 and is currently being streamed on the band’s website.)

Thank you to all of the AAX contributors for making close to a quarter million high quality album cover images available through the gallery. The gallery is now home to tens of thousands of rare and noteworthy album cover images that can’t be found anywhere else online.

Posted by: zeefritz

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And the 200,000th cover is…

The 200,000th album cover was uploaded to the Album Art Exchange gallery today. It was uploaded by prolific AAX user and expert album cover restorer Da Guy. I have posted his notes for the image below. I suppose that it is an appropriate album cover to toast the occasion.

1968 ATCO Records SD33-239 release scanned from the original 12″ vinyl LP cover art. The last album from The Fireballs with Jimmy Gilmer. “Bottle of Wine” reached number 9 on the Hot 100 chart before Gilmer left the group in 1969.

The Fireballs – Bottle of Wine (1968)

Posted by: Da Guy

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A look at some interesting holiday album covers

AAX user Mediocrates has been busy uploading some very interesting holiday album covers and single sleeves. Below are 10 that I think great additions to the gallery. Many of these covers have been carefully restored.


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AAX gallery reaches 175,000 album covers!

At 7:30 AM today, the AlbumArtExchange.com (AAX) gallery reached another important milestone. The 175,000th album cover was uploaded by AAX user aae. The cover is a composite recreation of the 1965 U.S. stereo LP cover for Bob Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home.

This cover is an excellent example of some of the special restoration work and composite recreations done by AAX users. This kind of quality work can’t be found on any other album art website.

Posted by: aae

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125,000th cover posted to Album Art Exchange gallery!

Today, the number of high quality album covers in the AAX gallery reached a new milestone. Site owner Scott posted the 125,000th cover at 9:10 a.m.

The cover is It Doesn’t Have to Be (ebx 1.5) from the Erasure box set Erasure 1. or EBX 1. The set was released by Mute Records in 1999.

Thank you to all of the AAX users who have contributed to this achievement. The gallery has grown from only 50,000 covers in August 2009 and will soon hit the 150,000 mark.

Posted by: Scott

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AlbumArtExchange.com gallery reaches 100,000 covers!

american-dream-box-set.jpgOn July 15, 2010, at 2:11 a.m., the Album Art Exchange gallery reached an important milestone. AAX user CDsOfAustin uploaded a set of scans for the Ricky Nelson box set The American Dream: The Complete Imperial and Verve 1957-1963 (right), one of which was the 100,000 cover in the gallery.

I was hoping that the 100,000th cover would be a quality, original scan by an AAX user and CDsOfAustin came through like a champ. The scans of the four CD covers included in the set are excellent examples of the type of images we like to see in the gallery.

Thank you to CDsOfAustin and the many other dedicted AAX users who have helped us reach this important milestone. Album Art Exchange doesn’t give prizes or hold contests because that encourges quanitity and not quality. It is important to have both, even if it takes longer to reach milestones like today’s.

Posted by: CDsOfAustin

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And my 15,000th album cover is…

I’m finding it difficult to believe, but I just uploaded my 15,000th album cover to the AlbumArtExchange.com gallery. I wanted this personal milestone to be memorable and selected a special album cover for the occassion.

Slim Whitman has sold over 100 million albums during a long music career that began in 1945. He is known to people of my generation as a pioneer of television marketing. Whitman was one of the first recording artists to sell his albums through 800 numbers shown on television. His TV ads rans for years during late night movies and afternoon talk shows.

If you’ve never heard of Whitman, it is probably because you were born too late to see him yodeling during commercial breaks while watching reruns of shows like McMillan and Wife and Columbo. The late Michael Jackson and George Harrison are among the great recordong artists who have claimed to be fans. The YouTube video I have posted below is of the late Andy Kaufman introducing Whitman for a performance on Midnight Special.

The cover art is for a 2010 UK 26-track CD, The Very Best of Slim Whitman.  It is currently available through Amazon.com.

Posted by: zeefritzswhitm-verybe_03.jpg


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AlbumArtExchange.com gallery hits 90,000 mark!

I just uploaded the 90,000th album cover to the AAX gallery! It seems like just yesterday when the gallery held 9,000 covers. We all thought that was impressive. The gallery hit the 80,000 mark two months ago. That means it is likely that the major 100,000 milestone will be reached next month.

The 90,000th cover is for the forthcoming album Believe (II) by guitarist Orianthi. The album is scheduled to be released on June 8, 2010. It will be Orianthi’s third studio album.

Thank you to all of the AAX users who have added their high quality scanned and edited album covers to the gallery. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Posted by: zeefritz

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