Lady Gaga finally rips off Annie Lennox

annie-lennox.jpgI often wondered how long it would take Lady Gaga to get around to imitating the legendary pop icon Annie Lennox. Just two hours ago, Lady Gaga tweeted two images that will be used for the cover of her single You and I.

The images show Lady Gaga dressed in male drag with a pompadour wig and false sideburns. Her costume is almost identical to that worn by Annie Lennox when Eurythmics performed at the 1984 Grammy Awards (right). 
According to a People magazine article about the 12 Most Shocking Grammy Moments, Grammy organizers did not recognize Lennox and searched frantically
for her before her performance of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of
Lennox told the Canadian Press, the stage manager “realized who [I] was, and he just fell on his knees and rolled around.”
Now, 27 years later, Lady Gaga is pulling the same joke on the world. I am not sure it is as shocking as it was in 1984. However, Lady Gaga does appear to pull off the look as well as Annie Lennox did back in the day. What do you think?

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Lady GaGa tweets album track lists and Judas video screen cap

Lady GaGa posted the track lists for both the standard and special editions of her forthcoming album Born This Way to her Twitter account this morning. She also posted a screen capture from the music video for her single Judas. The video will premier on May 5, 2011. You can click the images for a larger view.

Born This Way Standard Edition


Born This Way Special Edition


Judas Music Video


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New and Notable: My Chemical Romance #SINGItForJapan

My Chemical Romance has released #SINGItForJapan, a charity single to benefit the victims of the disasters in Japan. The title of the song is a Twitter hashtag, a word or phrase followed by the # symbol or hashtag that is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. I think this may be the first time that a Twitter hashtag has been used at the title of a song.

The band has create a special website for the project. The details are described as follows:

My Chemical Romance has always shared a special connection with Japan.  The food, the culture, the energy, the people…Since our first show there, we knew it would be a place we would keep coming back to.

While in the UK, we received news of the events unfolding after the massive earthquake. It affected us in a profound way. Moved by the terrible tragedy in Japan, and inspired by our fans, we set to work on #SINGItForJapan, a re-imagining of SING.

Dozens of musicians donated their time and talent to help bring this song to life. To complete the video, thousands of fans across the world submitted video, artwork, and pictures to show their love and support.

Using classic Japanese themes in the orchestration, we hope we have honored and paid tribute to the people of Japan. All of our proceeds from the sale of this recording goes directly to the American Red Cross.

Thank you for all of your support.


The artwork for the single is being sold as a t-shirt through the Warner Bros. online record store. The single is currently available for download on iTunes and will be released on on April 26, 2011.

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Lady Gaga tweets that album cover is finished and glorious

According to a tweet from Lady Gaga, the most anticipated album cover in recent memory has been completed. The pop superstar sent out the tweet less than an hour ago, letting her fans know that the cover is “glorious” and hinting that it will be revealed in her next GagaVision video on Tuesday.


The album is scheduled to be released on May 23, 2011 in five formats: 1) Full Length Album CD; 2) Full Length Digital Album; 3) Full Length Album 2 CD Deluxe Edition; 4) Vinyl 2 LP Album; and, 5) Full Length Digital Album Deluxe Edition.

In the many months that I have edited the Album Art Exchange Blog, I have not seen this much interest in a forthcoming album cover. There have been more fakes and fan-created covers for Born This Way than any other. I will post the cover as soon as a high resolution image is distributed by the record label.

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Glee’s Matthew Morrison reveals album cover via Twitter

Glee star Matthew Morrison revealed the cover for his forthcoming self-titled album via Twitter today. The tweet included a link to the image and that the album will be released on May 10, 2011.


The cover features a photograph of Morrison standing on a bridge. I am sure that there is a story related to the image other than a contemplation of suicide. With the success of Glee and the launch of his solo recording career, Morrison isn’t very likely to jump off a bridge in the near future.

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Is Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band the “most famous” album cover?

About an hour ago, I noticed a tweet from Gibson Guitar that asked, “Is this the most famous album cover in history? (If not, what is??)” The tweet included a link to an article on the Gibson website about the making of the cover for The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (below right).


beatle-sgtpep_13.jpgThe headline reads “The Making of the Most Famous Album Cover” and the article concludes “For a band that have their share of instantly recognizable album covers, this one might be the most iconic.”

While I agree that the cover for Sgt. Pepper’s is famous and iconic, I do not believe that it is the most iconic album cover in history. It is not even the most iconic album cover in The Beatles’ discography.

I believe that the cover for Abbey Road (below) is the most famous and most iconic by The Beatles. It is undoubtedly the first that comes to mind when you ask people to name a “famous album cover by The Beatles” — try it.

Both album covers have been copied and parodied countless times. However, Abbey Road still compels tourists to the location where the photograph was taken. Many people today cannot even name most of the celebrities on the Sgt. Pepper’s cover.

I also believe that there are many album covers that can be regarded as the “most iconic” simply because young people continue to display it on their bedroom walls. You can walk into any college dorm today and see a poster of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (below). The Beatles? Not so much.

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Bootsy Collins tweets animated version of new album cover

Funk legend Bootsy Collins revealed an animated version of the cover for his forthcoming album Tha Funk Capital of the World via Facebook and Twitter this morning. The album is scheduled to be released on May 3, 2011.

While the tweet indictes that no one had yet seen the “actual” album cover, I assume that refers to the animated version. The static version of the cover has been in the AAX gallery for a couple of months. Both the animated and static versions are pretty cool and exactly what fans would expect from Collins.


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Jennifer Lopez reveals official album cover via Twitter

Less that an hour ago, pop singer and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez revealed the official cover for her forthcoming album via her Twitter account. A release date for the album was not given.


The album cover was previously revealed during a TV interview. However, this is the first time that a high resoultion, final version of the cover has been distributed. The cover has been updated from the previous version, with sparkling lights added to the background and some additional touch ups.

I am not quite sure how I feel about this cover. It looks like Lopez walked through a crucifix store wearing a magnet. Perhaps she’s trying to ward of vampires. The wind machine and the eyelashes a bit over-the-top as well.

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Chris Brown reveals F.A.M.E. album cover via Twitter

This afternoon, singer Chris Brown revealed the cover for his forthcoming fourth studio album F.A.M.E. via his official Twitter account. The album is scheduled to be released on March 22, 2011.


The album cover is a mural that in a recent interview Brown claims to have painted himself with the “help” of Australian artist Kid Zoom. Yeah, right.

Well this has been my first time doing it on canvases and going hard with the spray paint… but now I’ve been following Kid Zoom and Ron English and Kid Zoom’s been teaching me a lot of techniques. We actually painted a mural for my album cover. It’s actually gonna be my face but all the paintings behind it is me and him painting.

Source: Take 40

I don’t know know who the artist was who painted the portrait of Brown that appears on the album cover. However, I hope he or she gets credit for it. It is very impressive.

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Britney Spears reveals Femme Fatale album cover

Pop singer Britney Spears revealed the cover and title for her forthcoming album via Twitter this morning. The title of the album, Femme Fatale, quickly became a Twitter trending topic. The album is scheduled to be released on March 15, 2011.


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