WTF?!: Peaches

peache-father.jpgElectronic musician Peaches (aka Merrill Beth Nisker) is known for her sexually explicit songs. So, I thought I knew what to expect when I checked out the video for her most recent single Lose You. After about 20 seconds, I knew that I was heading for a WTF moment.

The cover for Lose You features a lens flare on a woman’s crotch. That’s certainly not as disturbing as the bearded woman and the title of Peaches’ controversial Fatherfucker album. I guess I just hate to see a lazy graphic treatment like a lens flare used on a cover like this. It kinda looks like Peaches may have run out of creative ideas.

The lyrics of Lose You are fairly tame, too. So, I guess that’s why the music video is supposed to be somewhat shocking. I won’t give it away.

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On Tour: Grace Jones

Grace Jones is currently on tour and the blogs are buzzing with rave reviews of her performances in Los Angeles and New York. Jones is known for having some of the most innovative album covers of all time. While the cover of her latest album Hurricane doesn’t quite have the impact of many of her others, it is a fantastic album.

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The cover for the single William’s Blood is my favorite from this album. It is also my favorite track. The video includes live concert footage. As you can see, Miss Jones can still put on a heck of a show.

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New and Notable: Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s latest single is Already Gone. I really like this cover. The diamond tear drop is a very nice touch. In fact, the covers for the album All I Ever Wanted and the various singles have all been quite good.

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Album Art Flashback: Prince’s Batdance

On August 5, 1989, the number one single in the U.S. was Batdance by Prince. The cover hit the stores with the new black and orange Batman logo. Batdance was Prince’s fourth U.S. number one, following 1986’s Kiss. The cover for the Batdance single includes the entire Batman logo. The soundtrack album featured a cropped version of the same design.

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Kingsley shares free songs via Twiturm

One of AAX blog’s Twitter followers is an L.A. alternative rock band called Kingsley. The band has been promoting their music through an online service called Twiturm. Twiturm allows users to share music files via Twitter.


This certainly is an innovative way to promote a recording artist. I was able to download Satisfy, a track from Kingsley’s 2008 album Choices in a matter of seconds. Kingsley was generous enough to provide a 320kbps MP3 with the album art embedded. Cool guys!

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Another “worst” that isn’t

I just read an L.A. Times article about an exhibit at the Fullerton Museum Center in Orange County, California that claims to display the “The 100 Worst Album Covers” —and includes Captain Beefheart‘s classic Trout Mask Replica. I don’t undertand how this album cover can be considered the “worst” in any category. It has been recognized as a groundbreaking album since its release in 1969.

If the inclusion of this classic album cover is any indication, this museum exhibit has to be a very sketchy. Trout Mask Replica was chosen by Rolling Stone magazine as number 58 of their 500 greatest albums of all time.

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Certainly, the cover art for Trout Mask Replica is avant garde. It is, however, quite fitting for the music on the album and its time. The album cover was designed by noted artist and album cover designer Cal Schenkel. Schenkel designed most of Frank Zappa’s album covers and also did work for Tom Waits and the late Tim Buckley.

O.C. museum believes it has found the worst album covers ever
02:17 PM PT, Jul 30 2009

Who doesn’t love a little bad art from time to time?

The pop-music-attuned Fullerton Museum Center has a fresh take on that notion in a new exhibition opening Saturday, “The 100 Worst Album Covers,” which revels in the gloriously wretched imagery and graphics of the LP era.

It’s been assembled by longtime Orange County music journalist, musician and kitsch collector Jim Washburn, who is quick to point out that there were so many worthy contenders that this collection extends well beyond the number in the show’s title.

For every visual classic like the Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” or Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” there were dozens, maybe hundreds, that have earned their place in the album cover hall of shame.

Continue reading…

I am afraid to find out what other classic album covers have been included in Jim Washburn’s collection. There are so many really bad album covers, it is a shame that one of the truly innovative ones has been labeled as an example of the worst the music industry has produced over the last few decades.

An excellent example of one of the worst covers would be Sex & Violins by Rednex. It features a stream of urine coming down on the faces of the band. Yuck. I bet this gross out cover isn’t in Washburn’s collection. It is in my top ten of the worst of all time.

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New and Notable: La Toya Jackson

Yes, that right. La Toya Jackson has new single called Home. She released it as a tribute to her brother Michael and all proceeds are being donated to AIDS Project Los Angeles. The cover art can best be described as overly sentimental — with Michael pictured looking down from the clouds. The song isn’t half bad, though. I made my 99¢ donation to the AIDS Project.

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AFI cover revealed via Twitter (I guess)

Rock band AFI revealed the cover for their upcoming album Crash Love via a Twitter and website interaction that I have yet to figure out.


Perhaps some of you tech wizards under the age of 18 can explain it to me. I know that’s not really AFI’s fan base. Perhaps that should have been taken into consideration. Over the last couple of days, we’ve seen two bands do some pretty lame PR stunts to reveal their album covers.

First, Pearl Jam does a scavenger hunt — that would have been cool if there had been a decent giveaway at the end. Now, AFI does this incomprehensible Twitter thing. Lame.

Anyway, here is the cover that I obtained through other means (I have my ways) and added to the AAX gallery.

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Brooke Hogan single cover revealed

The cover for Brooke Hogan‘s single Ruff Me Up featuring Flo Rida has been revealed. The song was posted on YouTube three weeks ago and has been criticized as sounding too much like Britney Spears’ Womanizer.

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