New album and single features original watercolor by Jimi Hendrix

jhendr-valley_03.jpgThe forthcoming Valleys of Neptune single and album by the late Jimi Hendrix features an original watercolor painted by the rock guitar legend in 1957. According to an article on, the single (right) uses the actual watercolor and album art combines the watercolor with a photograph by the late Linda McCartney.

The single will be released as a vinyl 45 on February 9. The album will be released as both a vinyl LP and CD on March 9.

According to the article, the watercolor is one of over 100 that Hendrix did while he was in high school. It is an impressive work of art from a young student. It is interesting to know that Hendrix was multi-talented.

Valleys of Neptune is a collection of unreleased tracks, most of which were recorded between February and May 1969.

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Famous Album Covers inspiration

delphi-acolyt_04.jpgOne of my favorite blogs is Famous Album Covers. It is a collaborative blog that posts album covers for fictional bands, often with fictional stories. I have contributed my own creations several times.

The recent cover for Delphic’s Acolyte (right) reminded me of several photographs I took of jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium a couple of years ago. The viscous trails behind the human figures floating in water look quite a bit like the beautiful tendrils of the jellies.

That inspired me to create a fictional album cover for Famous Album Covers using one of my photographs. I also chose to parody the recent trend in rock music of bands covering entire albums by other artists.

I really like the way my “famous” album cover turned out. I think that this image would make an excellent album cover for the right project.


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WTF?! Jeff Beck

The forthcoming album from British rock guitarist Jeff Beck is called Emotion & Commotion. Yesterday, Kyle Ryan wrote the following at The A.V. Club Blog:

I know we’re barely three weeks into the new year, but I’m pretty sure Jeff Beck’s Emotion & Commotion will vanquish all others when it comes to the title for the Year’s Worst Album Cover. And by “worst,” it’s also kinda the best–an image that would work as well air-brushed to the side of a bitchin’ van as it would tattooed on some chode’s bicep.

I have to agree with Ryan. When I saw this album cover, it was an instant WTF?! moment. It reminds me of the eagle that screeches around Steven Colbert during the opening of the Colbert Report. Certainly, this album cover isn’t meant to be taken seriously. You tell me.

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At the Movies: The Runaways

There has been a lot of buzz for the forthcoming movie about female rock band The Runaways. The film stars Dakota Fanning as Cherie Curry, the band’s lead vocalist and Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett. I haven’t seen anything about a soundtrack being offered for the film, but I have posted two of the band’s album covers below.

The first is The Runaways’ self-titled debut album that features a photo of Curry (I think Fanning is the perfect choice to play her). The second is Waitin’ for the Night, which marked Joan Jett’s debut as lead singer after Curry’s departure from the band. The film is scheduled to open on March 19, 2010.

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Déjà Vu: Donate to Download vs. Hope for Haiti Now

It is wonderful that so many recording artists have donated their time and talents to benefit the earthquake victims in Haiti. Two charity albums have recently been released and I was surprised to see that the album art for both is very similar. (Okay, I’m not really surprised. I just want an excuse to provide links that people can use to get the albums and donate to a very worthy cause.)

Various Artists – Download to Donate
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Various Artists – Hope for Haiti Now

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Album Art Flashback: Public Image Ltd. (PIL)

flippe-albumg_02.jpgIn February 1986, British rock band Public Image Ltd (PIL) released their fifth studio album. The album cover concept was inspired by the labels of generic or “no name” products that began being sold in grocery stores in the late 1970s.

The concept had been used four years earlier by San Francisco punk band Flipper. The Flipper album (right) used the “yellow label” generic product label and featured a barcode. The Flipper album cover doesn’t really work because it did not hold true to the standards of the generic product label. Rather than simply placing the word “album” on the yellow cover, the word “generic” and the band’s name was also included. The inclusion of the band’s name and pointing out the obvious by actually putting “generic” on the cover results in an epic fail.

flippe-public_02.jpgLater in 1986, Flipper released a live album called Public Flipper Limited: Live 1980-1985 (right) in retaliation for PIL’s use of the generic brand concept. Unfortunately, the cover for that album also fails as a parody. No attempt was made to imitate the distictive PIL logo or a previous PIL album cover (many of which have notable designs). If Flipper had parodied PIL’s Metal Box album in some way, the effort would have been worthy of applause.

The PIL cover used the more familiar white label with a blue band. The three release formats were labeled accordingly — album, compact disc, and cassette. The music video for Rise opens with a generic screen that reads “video” to coninue the concept through to that medium as well.

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New and Notable: 4TROOPS

4TROOPS is a new vocal group comprised of four United States combat veterans who each served on the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan. The album is a collection of patriotic songs with Country and Christian music influences.

According to the group’s website, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the album will benefit charities that support American veterans. The album is scheduled to be released on May 25, 2010.

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AC/DC’s Iron Man 2 soundtrack cover art revealed

The cover for the forthcoming Iron Man 2 soundtrack by AC/DC was revealed via news release today. The album is scheduled to be released on April 19. Shoot to Thrill, the first music video from the album was released today.

The album will include 15 classic AC/DC songs, including Let There Be Rock, Thunderstruck, and War Machine. The film is scheduled to open on May 7.

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