The Weepies vinyl album unboxing video

Nettwork Records has posted a video of the “unboxing” of the new vinyl album by indie pop-folk band The Weepies. Be My Thrill was released today and the vinyl version features a digital download card that can be used to download the digital version of the album.

I wish that more record labels would create these kinds of videos. They couldn’t be too expensive to produce. They are a great way to demonstrate special packaging, box sets, and vinyl records like this one.

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New and Notable: Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj

prince-1999.jpgIt is difficult to believe that there are adults who aren’t old enough to remember that 1999 used be the year that many people thought would be the last before the end of the world. An entire generation grew up hearing Prince sing about partying like it’s 1999. The title track of the 1982 album (right) was released 17 years before the year 2000 was supposed to spell doom.

Today, the year 2012 is the year that many believe will be the last. So, I have been wondering how long it would be until someone made a song that would serve as the party anthem for the impending apocalypse.

Recently, British singer and songwriter Jay Sean released the single 2012 (It Ain’t the End) featuring Nicki Minaj. It certainly doesn’t compare to the Prince classic, but the idea is pretty much the same.

The cover art for the single features Jay Sean walking on a rooftop. I would have like to have seen Minaj on the cover, too. She’s a beautiful woman with an interesting look.

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Album art served with tacos

I ran across an article on Huffington Post today about Album Tacos, a blog that features album covers that have been altered to feature tacos.

Album Tacos: Every Album Cover Is Better With A Taco (PHOTOS)

The Internet continues to surprise us on a daily basis. Today, the hottest Tumblr on the web is Album Tacos, an amazing blog with a simple purpose: inserting tacos into our favorite album covers. Tumblr users continue to amaze us with their creativity, and Album Tacos is no different…

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There aren’t that many covers on the blog at this stage, but they are all hilarious.

tumblr_l7w9huTLFa1qdw2u5o1_400.jpg   tumblr_l7w15iLwGn1qdw2u5o1_400.jpg

tumblr_l7w24yoyzy1qdw2u5o1_400.jpg   tumblr_l7w7qeSA9E1qdw2u5o1_400.jpg

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New and Notable: The Superions

superi-fruitc_03.jpgIf you’re the type who gets depressed seeing Christmas decorations going up in shopping malls in October, you can imagine how it feels for me to start seeing holiday CDs in August. Every year, holiday music seems to come out earlier. This year is no exception. There are already several that I have been waiting to share here on the AlbumArtExchange blog for weeks.

One of the most interesting is Destination… Christmas! by The Superions. The band was formed four years ago by Fred Schneider of The B-52s, Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall. They had an Internet hit with their single Who Threw That Ham at Me? early this year.

Destination… Christmas! is scheduled to be released on Fanatic Records on October 26, 2010. The first single from the album will be Fruit Cake! (above right). This looks like it may be the Christmas novelty album of the year.

Both the album and single have great artwork. The design is credited to Brian Fraley. This is the kind of album art that makes you want to buy a CD. The furry cartoon type is unique and clever. I have never seen anything quite like it.

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New and Notable: Deluka

deluka.jpgLet’s say that you are a publicist for a new Brooklyn-based British indie rock band. The band has an attractive lead singer and the publicity photos that have been taken of the band demonstrates that they are very photogenic. In fact, the singer can be compared to a young Chrissie Hynde.

Now, let’s go one step further and consider what the cover of the band’s debut album should look like. Keep in mind that the album cover will introduce the band to tens of thousands of people who have never seen them before.

Would you allow that band to distribute their debut album with the cover art below?

Not only is this album cover for Deluka’s You Are the Night hideous, it uses the same art that was used on a previously released EP. They simply added the title in pink neon and Photoshopped it to look as if it were left out in a storm. It is perhaps the most mucked up album cover of the year.

The band is very good. I think they have a mature rock image that would sell quite a few albums. You Are the Night is scheduled to be released digitally on September 21, 2010 and as a physical album on October 12. I hope that they reconsider the cover art.

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New and Notable: McFly

Mcfly02.jpgSometimes it can be painful to watch a band try to change its image. British pop band McFly recently posed nude for a magazine (right) and by the look of the cover for their latest single, it looks like their going glam. The quartet appear on the cover of Party Girl with gelled hair, futuristic costumes and lots of Adam Lambert-style eye makeup.

I guess boy bands go through a midlife crisis when they reach age 25 or so. The sound of the new single is quite a bit different as well. The music video was posted online a few days ago.

Party Girl will be released in the U.K. on September 5, 2010 and available in the U.S. on September 14. It will be included on the band’s forthcoming album, which is scheduled to be released in November.

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David Archuleta album cover contest

On Wednesday, pop singer David Archuleta announced a contest involving the cover for his forthcoming album The Other Side of Down. The album is scheduled to be released on October 5, 2010.

Make Your Own Version of the “The Other Side of Down” Album Cover!

Alright David fans, now that you’ve seen the official cover for The Other Side of Down, we want you to create your OWN version of the cover. Grab some friends, re create the cover in a creative way (be very careful that you don’t fall off the chair), take a picture and upload it using the link below.

Click here to upload your contest submission

The best photo will win a signed copy of The Other Side of Down, so make sure to really go for it. We want to see how creative you all can be!

Rules for this contest are right here, this contest starts right now and ends on September 9th.

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Then and Now: Charlotte Church

Voice of an Angel (1998)

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Back to Scratch (2010)

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