Bob Dylan’s ’60s girlfriend passes away

According to American Songwriter, Suze Rotolo, Bob Dylan’s girlfriend in the early 1960s  died on February 24 at the age of 67 from lung cancer. Rotolo appeared on the cover for Dylan’s 1963 album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

Rotolo, an artist and social activist, dated Dylan for four years. Dylan wrote some of his most enduring songs, including “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,” “Boots of Spanish Leather,” “Ballad In Plain D” and “Tomorrow Is a Long Time” about their relationship.

Source: American Songwriter

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Lady Gaga meets Alfred Hitchcock in music video

Lady Gaga debuted the music video for her latest single Born This Way today. The video includes an introduction with music that many Alfred Hitchcock fans will recognize as the opening theme from the classic Hitchcock thriller Vertigo. This could be a vwery clever cross promotion by Universal, who owns both the rights to Vertigo and Lady Gaga’s record label.

For those who are interested, The original soundtrack for Vertigo was composed by Bernard Herrmann in 1958 and reelased on Mercury Records. It included most of the major musical cues from the film but represented less than half of the complete score. The track used in the Lady Gaga video is the first on the album, Vertigo Prelude and Rooftop.

Vertigo OMPS (1958) soundt-bherrm-vertig.jpg buy_now_240.gif   Born This Way (2011) ladyga-bornth_08.jpg buy_now_240.gif

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Album Art Flashback: Chariots of Fire by Vangelis

Last night’s Oscar win by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for the score of The Social Network made me think back 30 years to another Oscar-winning score. In 1981, Greek electronic music composer Vangelis won the Academy Award for his score for the British film Chariots of Fire.

At the time, music created using synthesizers was not as common in film scores as it is today. The fact that Chariots of Fire is a period piece set in the 1920s made the use of electronic music even more unusual. The slow motion opening segment of the film, combined with the theme composed by Vangelis made the film a sensation. The opening segment became iconic and then the subject of countless parodies. The opening theme was released as a single in 1982 and topped the Billboard chart for one week. Vangelis went on to compose the scores for the films Blade Runner and 1492: Conquest of Paradise.

After the Oscar win, the artwork for the Chariots of Fire soundtrack was revised to include an Oscar statue (which is quite uncommon) and the copy “Academy Award, Best Original Score, 1981” (below). I am somewhat surprised that a special 30th anniversary deluxe edition of the album was not released.

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The Social Network wins Oscar for best score

At last night’s Academy Awards ceremony, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross won the Oscar Best Original Score for The Social Network. Reznor accepted the award at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood after beating such notable nominees as Hans Zimmer (Inception), A R Rahman (127 Hours), John Powell (How To Train Your Dragon) and Alexandre Desplat (The King’s Speech).

Let’s see if the artwork for the album will be revised to include the copy “2011 Academy Award for Best Original Score” similar to the mock up below.

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Cover art for Willow Smith’s 21st Century Girl single revealed

The cover art for the new single 21st Century Girl by Willow Smith was revealed by news release this morning. The song premiered on On-Air With Ryan Seacrest and will be featured on According to it will be sold exclusively on iTunes on March 1, 2011. The 10-year-old pop singer is scheduled to perform on an upcoming episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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Wacky Album Cover of the Evening

orodri-cizana_04.jpgAs a follow up to my first ever wacky cover blog, which featured an Omar Rodríguez-López inspired cover of an octopus plastered over the head and face of a man, thanks to Fritz’s close friend Lindy, here is a photograph by Herbert “Herb” Ritts, an American fashion photographer who concentrated on black-and-white photography and portraits in the style of classical Greek sculpture. Sadly, Herb Ritts passed away at the age of 50, on December 26th 2002, of complications from pneumonia.

During the ’80s and ’90s, Ritts photographed many celebrities, including Madonna, Cher, Elton John, and Dizzy Gillespie to name a few musicians and artists. He directed the video for Madonna in Cherish the same year as that wacky photo below.

In 1991 Ritts won two MTV Video Awards for his work on music videos by Janet Jackson and Chris Isaak. Other artists he worked with in video include Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears.

Herb Ritts – Djimon with Octopus, Hollywood, 1989

Djimon with Octopus

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Wiz Khalifa reveals album cover via Twitter

Rapper Wiz Khalifa revealed the cover art for his forthcoming album Rolling Papers via his official Twitter account today. The album is scheduled to be released on March 29, 2011.


The cover is a representation of Wiz Khalifa as a cloud of smoke. It is not an entirely original concept. However, this cover is not as controversial as it could have been, considering the subject matter. I doubt that this will be censored by the big box stores.

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Variations on a Theme: Being Human

For the last six weeks, I have been avidly watching the first season of the Syfy supernatural thriller Being Human, which is an adaption of the acclaimed BBC drama Being Human (UK), which in turn just so happens to also be currently airing for the last five weeks (Series 3). It’s almost surreal to watch them together each week. I highly recommend them both. They’re darkly comedic, twisty-plot-driven, unexpectedly surprising, and refreshingly entertaining with excellent music choices ! “At times frightening, witty, and romantic” says Space. I like my description better.

Being HumanIn a nutshell, the show revolves around three roommates living in Boston (or Bristol) who appear to be in their twenties, who try to live normal lives despite being a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost. When I first saw the promotional “banner” for the North American adaption, with the slight morphing of each character into their supernatural state, I thought “What a great idea for a blog!” My only criteria is that no soundtracks covers are allowed. Feel free to list your variations in the comments below.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll EP (2009)

Posted by: zeefritz Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

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Stars – The Five Ghosts (2010)

Posted by: zeefritz Stars - The Five Ghosts

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The Bronx – The Bronx (2003)

Posted by: zeefritz The Bronx - The Bronx

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Honorable mentions: Ozzy Osbourne Let It Die and Bark at the Moon, Mercyful Fate Return of the Vampire, Unholy Ghost Torrential Reign, Phish The Story of the Ghost.

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New and Notable: Parzival

Parzival is a Seattle singer-songwriter whose current album, Postmodern Love was released in November 2010. A music video for the song Portland Never Worries was recently posted on YouTube and I think it is worth watching. It was directed by Denis Lemeshchenko and (disclaimer) features glimpses of a lovely young woman who I know personally.

The album cover for Postmodern Love is an excellent example of why a professional portrait photography is an important part of promoting a recording artist. The young artist is immediately recognizable from the music video. The background color enhances his eyes and the styling is perfect.

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