Atlantic Records sells MP3s without artwork

estelle_freak.jpgI recently purchased an MP3 download from the online store of Atlantic Records and was very disappointed to find that they are selling digital music files without artwork. I purchased Freak, the new single by Estelle (right), and received high quality 320Kbps MP3s. That’s much better quality than you can get from iTunes and

However, I am one of those people who just can’t stand having music without the official album art in my collection. Blank images in the iTunes flow display and on my iPod are unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the standard 600 x 600 pixel cover art for this single isn’t available anywhere. This is one of the reasons why AlbumArtExchange is such a valuable asset to music collectors. Eventually, someone will scan the physical cover for this single and I’ll be able to ad it to my MP3s.

So, be warned that if you buy digital music from Atlantic Records, you won’t get the artwork that normally comes from iTunes,, Rhapsody, and other online retailers. However, you will get a high quality file.

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