gallery reaches 100,000 covers!

american-dream-box-set.jpgOn July 15, 2010, at 2:11 a.m., the Album Art Exchange gallery reached an important milestone. AAX user CDsOfAustin uploaded a set of scans for the Ricky Nelson box set The American Dream: The Complete Imperial and Verve 1957-1963 (right), one of which was the 100,000 cover in the gallery.

I was hoping that the 100,000th cover would be a quality, original scan by an AAX user and CDsOfAustin came through like a champ. The scans of the four CD covers included in the set are excellent examples of the type of images we like to see in the gallery.

Thank you to CDsOfAustin and the many other dedicted AAX users who have helped us reach this important milestone. Album Art Exchange doesn’t give prizes or hold contests because that encourges quanitity and not quality. It is important to have both, even if it takes longer to reach milestones like today’s.

Posted by: CDsOfAustin

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