Déjà Vu: Florence + The Machine vs. Sarah McLachlan

moon.jpgImages of scantily-clad women sitting on a cresent moon have been around almost as long as photography. So, it should not be surprising that the concept has been used for several album covers throughout the years.

Singers have been lowered on swings shaped like a cresent moon in burlesque shows and cabarets since the mid-19th century. Countless pin-up calendars have used the concept. The most notable album cover to feature the recording artist on a cresent moon is Donna Summer’s fourth studio album, Four Seasons of Love. Released in October 1976, the LP came with a pull-out calendar for 1977 that featured four photographs of Summer. The summer season photo featured Summer in a bathing suit and reclining on the moon. 

Two recent examples of album covers featuring the cresent moon are Sarah McLachlan’s Laws of Illusion, which was released last year, and Lungs: The B-Sides by Florence + The Machine. Both are different takes on the classic burlesque performance.

Which one is better? I think the Sarah McLachlan cover looks more like the classic Victorian photographs. The Florence + The Machine cover seems to be inspired by the 1950s stripper acts.

Sarah McLachlan – Laws of Illusion (2010)

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Florence + The Machine – Lungs: The B-Sides (2011)
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One thought on “Déjà Vu: Florence + The Machine vs. Sarah McLachlan

  1. I think the two covers are perfect – Sarah McLachlan is more classical and aiming at probably an older more conservative market. Note the blues, the darker background, and the ‘pale’ moon.
    Florence (who is showing a lot more leg and gets my vote) is the new kid on the block and definitely aimed at the alt/indie and younger generation. The “glittery” moon does remind me a little of shiny disco balls and seedy nightclubs (not from experience). Note the ‘reds’ and brighter all round colors and imagery.
    I’m guessing they were both PS’d (post production) skinnier than reality. 🙂