Big Fresh includes playable board game with Moneychasers album


Including a board game in the packaging of an album is not a new idea. However, the forthcoming album by Kentucky music collective Big Fresh features what is perhaps the best application of the concept that I have come across. The album is scheduled to be released on October 11, 2011.

In 1979, the Canadian rock band Triumph included a board game with their album Just a Game. The game was really more of a joke and designed so that it could not be completed. Another notable example is the 2009 album Peace Boat by Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. The CD included a folded poster than resembled a board game.

The Big Fresh album is perhaps the first album to include a fully playable board game (above right) with rules included. The art director for the project was Chad Stockfleth and the graphic design was done by Wes Keeton. Not only did they capture the look of a vintage Milton Bradly board game, they have also created a work of biting satire.

This album cover reminds me of some of the 1970s era designs by the British design group Hipgnosis, such as 10cc’s How Dare You! It presents a nostalgic image and provides social commentary about materialism and greed. 

Everything about this album cover design is perfect. The photograph is priceless. The fonts looks like the ones used for the typical classic 1970s board game. You can actually imagine this being a dusty box on a closet shelf.

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