BlockScript on AAX gallery and contact information

I have received a couple of messages from AAX users regarding their IP addresses being blocked by BlockScript. Legitimate users of the site should contact the website administrator to have their specific IP addresses removed from the list of blocked IPs. Please use the email address provided below:

Keep in mind that the site is a hobbyist site and admins are not available 24/7. It could take several hours for your request to be addressed. Please include your IP address and your general location in the email.

BlockScript was recently added to the gallery due to an alarming increase in automated raiding of the site. This resulted in slowing of the site for legitimate users and theft of bandwidth. Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this issue.

AlbumArtExchange is a privately owned site that depends on revenue share from digital music sales and donations in order to remain in operation. If you are a regular user of the site, please consider making your music purchases through the links in the gallery and on the blog. Also, a PayPal donation button is located on the Forums.

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