Christina Aguilera channels Marilyn Monroe for cover of new single

Pop singer Christina Aguilera revealed the cover art for her new single, Your Body, via Twitter and her official Facebook page yesterday. The photograph used for the cover was obviously inspired by those produced during the June 1962 photo shoot of the late Marilyn Monroe by photographer Bert Stern (right).

The Monroe photo shoot was commissioned by Vogue magazine just six weeks before the actress’s death. In 1982, Stern published over 2,500 images in his book The Last Sitting. The most memorable are the images of Monroe posing nude behind a sheer pink scarf.

The problem with using such an iconic image of Marilyn Monroe as inspiration for cover art is that nothing really compares to Monroe. Even 50 years later, there is something special about Marilyn that even a beautiful woman like Aguilera can’t match. The photographer did a great job of matching the color and tone of the original. What is missing is the matchless beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

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