New 9/11 conspiracy theory involves Supertramp’s Breakfast in America

According to an article on, the Grammy Award-winning album cover for Supertramp’s 1979 album Breakfast in America has spawned a new 9/11 conspiracy theory.

“Breakfast in America” is a 1979 record by the British rock group Supertramp. Its cover artwork features a smiling waitress who is seemingly riding the wing of a plane and holding a menu in one hand and a glass of orange juice, raised aloft, in the other. Behind her stands the New York City skyline, including the Twin Towers. It’s weird.

According to the latest theory from the 9/11 truther community, however, Supertramp’s album cover was never just a jokey little piece of absurdist art; instead, it was a prophecy of doom.

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Album Cover Hall of Fame gives the rundown on GRAMMY Award nominees

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