Help create the new Album Art Exchange!

Over the past seven years, has been the best source for album cover art in the world. Due to the efforts of our contributors who have posted high quality scans and digital images and the generous contributiions of our users, the AAX gallery has grown to over 300,000 images.


Due to increased interest in the gallery and changing technologies, it is now time for an upgrade. The site will soon undergo and redesign that will make it faster, more reliable, and better than ever. However, we need your help to get there.

Like many community-based websites, AAX relies on donations to keep it going strong. The redesign is estimated to cost around $10,000. That will pay for the programming and user interface improvements that many users have been asking for over the past few years.

Please use the Paypal button below to contribute as much as you see fit. If you’re a regular user of the site, this is your opportunity to pay it forward and ensure that it will be up and running for years to come. We’ll keep you updated on meeting our goal of $10,000.




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