Déjà Vu: Glasvegas vs. Pet Shop Boys

This déjà vu moment features two new albums that both use a simple chevron pattern as cover art. Electric by electronic duo Pet Shop Boys was released on July 30, 2013. Later… When the TV Turns to Static by Scottish indie rock band Glasvegas is scheduled to be released on September 3.

Glasvegas – Later…When the TV Turns to Static (2013)

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Pet Shop Boys – Electric (2013)

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Déjà Vu: Hurts vs. Pet Shop Boys

English electronic music duo Hurts revealed the cover for their forthcoming album, Exile, on their official Facebook page yesterday. The pop music blog Chart Rigger has observed “…looks very Pet Shop Boys by way of Kraftwerk.” I have to agree. The cover gave me a similar déjà vu moment.

It is very similar to the cover for Actually, the second studio album released by Pet Shop Boys in 1987. Hurts has been compared to Pet Shop Boys many times. So, the look of the duo’s sophomore album is probably not a coincidence. I suppose having one of them yawn would have been too obvious.

Hurts – Exile (2013)

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Pet Shop Boys reveal artwork and track list for Elysium

Pop music duo Pet Shop Boys revealed the artwork and track list for their forthcoming album via their official website yesterday. Produced in Los Angeles earlier this year by Andrew Dawson and Pet Shop Boys, Elysium is scheduled to be released on September 18, 2012.

As for previous albums, the artwork for Elysium was designed by UK design firm Farrow. The version shown below is for the single-CD/digital download versions. The double-CD and double-vinyl versions of the album will include instrumental versions of each song (see track list below). The cover for the double-CD is shown above.

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  1. Leaving
  2. Invisible
  3. Winner
  4. Your early stuff
  5. A face like that
  6. Breathing space
  7. Ego music
  8. Hold on
  9. Give it a go
  10. Memory of the future
  11. Everything means something
  12. Requiem in denim and leopardskin
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